Rich and EngagingLearning Content

Our modern content authoring and delivery capabilities enable an interactive and deeply engaging learning experience on any device.

Rich-Media Content

Our rich media learning content is meticulously stitched with bite-sized instructional videos, interactive tech-enhanced practice problems and rigorous assessment items.

Instructional Videos

Our rigorously curated and continuously calibrated bite-sized instructional videos tutor students just as a person would - with step-by-step explanation of each and every concept.

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Practice Problems

Unlike traditional multiple-choice questions, our interactive practice problems are built with tech-enhanced item formats to enable more accurate measurement of student knowledge.

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Assessment Items

Our dedicated bank of assessment items are aligned to the curriculum blueprints to enable precise cognitive measurement of student knowledge in each standard.

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Standards Aligned

Our meticulously designed and independently certified content was developed from the ground up to meet the rigorous standards of Common Core, US state standards and several international standards.

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Content Library

Explore our pre-built high-quality standards-aligned learning content including assessments, tech-enhanced items, adaptive learning paths, instructional lessons and more. Author your own content, use it with your students, share it with your community and publish it in the library.

50+ Tech-Enhanced Item Types

All the technology enhanced item types you'll ever need to develop rich content and interactive assessments.

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Team-Based Authoring

Build your own content bank on ScootPad with team-based authoring and collaboration. Empower non-technical users to easily create advanced tech-enhanced items using our slick authoring tools.

Data-Driven Content Insights

Powerful data-driven insights from millions of real-world student responses help us continuously improve content difficulty, alignment, accuracy and quality.

Real-Time Feedback & Updates

Content is kept up to date and continuously improved on our platform using real-time feedback from users and live content update deployment.

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