Insights & Data

Always stay on top of class and student performance with our real-time, insighful and intuitive data dashboards and reports.

Class Dashboard

Quick and easy view of class and student performance empowering you to engage and help move those struggling students towards mastery.

Activity Insights

Activity dashboard and student reports provide easy view of class and student activity empowering you to turn these insights into action.

Mastery Insights

Mastery dashboard and student reports provide a quick view of class and student progress towards mastery of the standards.

Assessment Insights

Gain insights easily by reviewing the assessment summary, drill-down by standard and question, measuring growth between assessments.

Intervention Insights

Predict students who are struggling and deliver interventions to the whole class, small groups or 1:1. Help students advance toward mastery who might otherwise fail.

Smart Alerts

Get alerts when students need your help. Our just-in-time reminders alert you (and the students) about incomplete assignments so that students never miss a due date.

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