English (ELA)
Comprehensive ELA curriculum for grades K-8 with engaging instruction, rigorous practice questions and tech-enhanced formative assessments.
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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is built from the ground up with the required coherence and rigor to enable mastery in each standard across Common Core and the available US State and International Standards.

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Adaptive Practices

With Adaptive Practices, when students hit a roadblock, they are automatically redirected to resources that help intervene their misconception. Or when students successfully grasp a concept, we fast-track and offer more content to stretch their knowledge.

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Engaging Lessons

Students learn and review concepts using our concise, focused and engaging instructional lessons. Each student learns differently, hence we offer multiple lessons to learn a concept.

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Targeted Practices

Close knowledge gaps by assigning targeted practices in specific concepts. Work with one student, a group of students or the entire classroom to target areas for growth and enrichment.

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Formative Assessments

Formative assessments serve as quick checks for understanding and allow you to make the necessary pivots to instruction. Simulate tech-enhanced and high stakes PARCC and SBAC tests to prepare students with practice in different DOK levels and question formats.

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Actionable Insights

Online learning is often a black box. We provide powerful insights into what students are learning and how. Key data populates the dashboards, so you can analyze an entire class's performance as well as pinpoint problem areas for each student.

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Predictable Interventions

What matters most in providing the needed support is understanding which students are struggling and in what concepts. Our intervention monitor offers a smarter way to predict which concepts need re-teaching and which students need your help.

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Customizable Learning

Most traditional tools take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning. At ScootPad, we empower you to design your own goals, your own proficiency, your own rigor - because your students are unique, and so is their journey towards mastery.

Fun Contests and Friendly Competition

Get students engaged and motivated with fun contests and friendly competition between students and other classrooms. Students love the challenge, track their progress on the leaderboards and take pride in their achievements.

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