Coins and Rewards
Our built-in game-like features make the learning process visual, rewarding, and fun. Students are motivated and engaged to learn daily.
Watch Coins and Rewards In Action

Gamification of Learning

With the use of game design we transform the learning process into a game-like experience by getting students engaged in something they find interesting and enjoyable.

Earning Digital Coins

Students automatically earn our digital coins when they answer questions correctly, master concepts etc. Teachers can recognize student achievement by giving bonus coins.

Customizable Rewards

Create your own custom rewards to motivate any student or the entire class. Earning homework passes was never more fun!

Games and Personalization

Students redeem earned coins for games and other fun swag, that sense of accomplishment drives intrinsic motivation. Students can also personalize and enhance their experience.

Student Access Settings

Keeping your students engaged is fun, so as part of your classroom settings, we invite you to set the tone to make sure the fun can happen on your schedule.