Instructional Lessons

Through the use of various interactive formats, we give students an opportunity to learn content specifically tailored to their learning style while targeting their zone of proximal development.

Zone Of Proximal Development

Our instructional pedagogy is designed to give children experiences that are within their Zones of Proximal Development, thereby encouraging and advancing their individual learning.


Our instructional lessons are completely interactive. Ranging from step-by-step Scootorials to suggested time-out lessons for struggling students, we guarantee that students will find these lessons rather engaging.

Multiple Lesson Formats

Because every student is different and has a unique learning style, we offer various lesson formats to meet individual needs. Our lessons include Open Education Resources (OER) such as Khan Academy, CK12, and PBS along with our proprietary Scootorials.

Personalized Lessons

Our algorithms continuously track the way students engage with the platform and learn each concept. Drawing on each student's own learning history coupled with how other students learn the same concepts, we deliver lessons personalized to meet each student's unique learning style.

Concept Level Instruction

ScootPad measures student understanding at a concept level, and delivers instructional lessons specific to the concept. Our proprietary K-8 knowledge map provides a framework for student learning at the concept level.

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