Adaptive Practices

ScootPad uses powerful adaptive technology to deliver truly individualized and self-paced practices for each student.

The Knowledge Map

ScootPad measures student understanding at a conceptual level, and defines the relationship between those concepts to provide a framework for student learning. Our proprietary K-8 knowledge map, is the fundamental DNA of our platform, enables adaptive learning on ScootPad .

Learning Paths

Our new and improved learning paths provide a framework for concept sequence and progression for student learning and mastery. Use the ScootPad developed K-8 learning paths or build your own using the drag-and-drop and auto-sequence features.

Personalized Practice

ScootPad keeps learning about each student as they practice and continuously generates a personalized practice at the correct DOK level every single time. ScootPad's novel approach to adaptive learning is made possible by a well-orchestrated collaboration between the adaptive algorithms, the Knowledge Map, learning paths, student learning data, and dynamically-scaffolded content.

Time-Out Lessons

When students continue to struggle with a concept, ScootPad automatically pushes a Time-Out lesson to help the student in the moment with that specific concept. These just-in-time lessons offer students the knowledge they need to proceed independently.

Automatic Mastery Assessment

ScootPad will periodically spiral concepts and assign quick assessments, also known as Mastery Checks, to ensure students retained previously learned concept knowledge. Mastery checks determine if a student mastered a concept or needs practice in that concept (and perhaps others that may depend on it). This is fully automated in real time without teacher intervention.

Dynamic Scaffolding

ScootPad scaffolds content in real-time adjusting to each student's needs. Struggling students are redirected to learn pre-requisite concepts often across grade levels, a.k.a. horizontal scaffolding. For advanced learners, the platform adjusts content to a deeper comprehension level across the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) scale, a.k.a. vertical scaffolding.

Automated Intervention

Working in tandem, dynamic scaffolding, time-out lessons, and automated mastery checks deliver self-directed learning and seamless intervention to every student.

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