Adaptive Practices
Each student is unique. Our adaptive practice will automatically meet each student exactly where he/she is with the right level of practice, instruction, scaffolding and assessment to ensure mastery in every concept.
Watch Adaptive Practices In Action

Learning Paths

Learning paths provide a framework to define the scope of the curriculum to be mastered. Use our pre-built grade level learning paths or design your own custom learning paths.

Dynamic, Ongoing Personalization

Our adaptive engine will tailor the learning path for a student based on every problem they solve - addressing their needs in real-time and making their journey truly personalized and dynamic.

Automatic Lessons

When a student struggles with a concept, ScootPad will automatically push a time-out lesson video helping the student in the moment to learn that concept to move ahead independently.

Real-Time Scaffolding

Students needing scaffolding in a concept are automatically scaffolded to learn the needed prerequisite concepts - at or below their grade level - before they resume to master the original concept.

Making Learning Last

Our strategically spaced Mastery Check assessments spiral previously practiced concepts to ensure students can recall and apply concept knowledge over the long term.

Dynamic Student Learning DNA

Each students' learning journey is updated in real-time and reflected in their Learning DNA to offer powerful insights and intuitive student progress to both teachers and students.