Gauge your students' concept mastery and prepare them with technology-enhanced content to ace high-stakes assessments. ScootPad boasts over 50 tech-enhanced item types for you to choose from.

Auto-Generate Assessments

Choose the standards and build an assessment - it's as easy as ABC. Our formative assessments give teachers the insights to make the necessary pivots to instruction.

Standards and DOK

ScootPad is aligned to the Common Core Standards, Indiana Academic Standards, and England's National Curriculum (more coming soon). Each item in our bank is aligned to a standard and a DOK Level, giving you the opportunity to build to your specifications.

50+ Tech-Enhanced Item Formats

From matching and ordering to highlighting and charts, tech-enhanced item types ensure complete coverage for PARCC and SBAC simulations in addition to giving students ample opportunity to master these unique questions on various devices.

Learn more about 50+ Tech Enhanced Item Formats

Author Custom Assessments

Non-technical users and teachers can easily create advanced technology-enhanced items and custom assessments using our simple and slick authoring tool. Quick how-to videos help you author items in all 50+ tech-enhanced formats.

Entry/Exit Ticket Assessments

Your time is valuable so when you need to launch a quick entry or exit ticket, we have these taken care of. Know what your students know and don't know, compare the results, and use these insights to adjust your instruction.

PARCC and SBAC Simulations

Prepare your students for PARCC and SBAC testing with our ready-made simulation assessments. These assessments save valuable time and also provide you with a blueprint containing detailed coverage of the specific standards, items and scoring.

Assessment Results and Insights

Assessment results are visualized in real-time with vibrant colors and charts. Spend less time analyzing data and more time having constructive conversations.

Content Exchange

Create your own assessment content or use curated content shared by other educators on our content exchange platform. #GoOpen and collaborate with other districts, schools and educators in sharing high quality assessment content.

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