Adaptive spelling and vocabulary building solution for grades K-8 with grade-aligned learning paths, collaborative lists, and custom assignments.


Engage students with spelling practice on grade-aligned vocabulary words and sentences.

Adaptive Spelling

Enable grade-aligned spelling learning paths and let ScootPad automatically create a personalized and self-paced learning experience for each student.

Custom Assignments

Assign spelling practice with customizable word lists on academic vocabulary or just about anything. ScootPad automatically adds spelling word games for additional engagement and practice.

Word Lists

Engage students with grade-aligned vocabulary words and sentences. Access word lists created by thousands of educators ranging from Dolch sight words to legal terms.

Game-Based Learning

Students learn assigned spelling words by playing the games such as Word Match, Word Puzzle and Word Unscramble.

Spelling Leaderboard

Students love earning coins while learning! This system of rewards not only instills pride in the students for their achievements but also motivates them to collaborate with peers in the same or different classrooms.

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