Site-Wide Data and Reports

Gain powerful insights across the district and each school using our intuitive reports covering usage, mastery and assessment data.

Usage Stats

High-level usage stats showing activity by teachers and students. At a glance review the active users, hours spent, questions solved, and even trees saved!

Mastery By Grade

Gain mastery insights by grade and drill down by classroom.

Mastery By Teacher

Gain mastery insights by teacher and drill down by classroom.

Mastery By Classroom

Gain mastery insights by classroom and drill down by student.

Mastery By Domain

Gain mastery insights by domain and drill down by standard.

Mastery By School

Gain mastery insights by school and drill down by grade.

The Standards Report

Comprehensive standards report with mastery and assessment data across each standard.


Inspire friendly competition between your students, classrooms and schools.

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