Comprehensive, adaptive curriculum for grades K-8 with engaging instruction, formative assessments, simulated high-stakes tests, and automated interventions designed to improve overall mastery in Math.

Comprehensive K-8 Math Curriculum

Our Math curriculum is built from the ground up with the required focus, coherence and rigor as prescribed by each standard covering Common Core, US State Standards and International Standards.

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Instructional Lessons in Math

Engage students with our interactive and instructional lessons that can be reviewed as often as necessary! These lessons are personalized for each student based on their learning behavior and past performance.

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Adaptive Practices in Math

Students achieve mastery in math concepts as they work through the adaptive practices. Students are dynamically scaffolded in real-time to gain pre-requisite concept knowledge as practices adapt to their individual needs.

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Targeted Practices in Math

Quickly Identify and close gaps by assigning targeted practice in specific math concepts. Work with one student, a group of students or the entire classroom to target areas for growth and enrichment.

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Formative Assessments in Math

Formative assessments serve as quick checks for understanding and allow you to make the necessary pivots to instruction. Simulated PARCC and SBAC tests prepare students to be problem solving champs while gaining opportunities to practice different question types.

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Actionable Insights in Math

Monitor progress with ease and drill down by standards or individual students. Reinforce and reward student achievement in the moment using real-time data. As students learn different concepts, you gain valuable insights about their literacy in math.

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Recommended Interventions in Math

Predict which students require intervention and which concepts need to be retaught all in advance before it is too late to address! Use ScootPad's RTI aligned 3-tiered intervention model to position your students to be mathematical wizards.

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Customize Your Math Learning

Your classroom is unique and so are mathematical instructions. Have your students follow your lead. Use your Jedi skills and customize ScootPad by adjusting the proficiency target, practice rigor, feedback settings and much more.

Student Leaderboards in Math

Students love earning coins which, along with feeling proud of their achievement, really motivates them to compete with peers and other classrooms.

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Tech-Enhanced Math Items

Content gets more interactive and tech-enhanced with 50+ unique item types (more than PARCC and SBAC combined). Our extensive collection of item types ensure complete coverage for PARCC and SBAC simulations in addition to giving students ample opportunity to master these unique formats on various devices.

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