How ScootPad Works

ScootPad delivers continuously personalized learning experiences to help every student master every concept in their learning path.

Fully Automated (Autopilot)


Personalized Diagnostic

Our diagnostic assessment adapts to each student and identifies which concepts they are ready to master and which need practice.

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Adaptive Practice

Each student gets a personalized practice where they learn concepts simultaneously over time ("spiraling") from their own learning path.

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Just-In-Time Lessons

On-demand lessons and time-out lessons help students during practice with specific concept knowledge they need to proceed independently.

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Automatic Intervention

ScootPad scaffolds content in real time adjusting to each students' individual needs offering the instruction and practice they need in the pre-requisite concepts.

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Automatic Assessment

Concepts are revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks to help students create more robust pathways for recalling information over a longer term.

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Spiral and Spacing

Concepts are practiced simultaneously over time ("spiraling") and revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks ("spacing"). Research shows that such distributed learning leads to robust encoding of information and better long-term learning.

Teacher Driven (Manual Override)


Targeted Practice

Teachers can target extra practice and enrichment for students in specific concepts by creating targeted practice assignments.

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Instruction Lessons

Teachers can assign instruction lessons to help students prepare for classroom instruction, upcoming tests or concept improvement.

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Intervention Monitor

Aligned to the 3-tier RTI model, our intervention monitor helps teachers easily predict interventions and make the necessary pivots to instruction.

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Formative Assessments

Teachers can easily gauge students with quick assessments and prepare them with PARCC/SBAC simulations to master tech-enhanced questions.

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The Spiral and Spacing Effect

Research shows that "spacing" and "spiraling" of curriculum leads to more robust encoding of information and better long-term learning (Schmidt & Bjork, 1992). In conventional "blocked" or "massed" curriculum, learning is concentrated in continuous blocks resulting in an "illusion of competence" (Bjork, 1999).

  • ScootPad

    "Spaced" and "Spiraled" Learning

    Concepts are practiced simultaneously over time ("spiraling") and revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks ("spacing"). Our approach helps students make connections over time, which creates more robust pathways for recalling information over a longer term.

    Spiraled Learning
  • Others

    "Blocked" or "Massed" Learning

    Each concept is practiced and mastered one at a time in a "sequential" or "streak" method. Such massing encourages quick and effortless processing of information leading to reduced attention and short-term learning (Dempster, 1988; Rohrer, 2009).

    Blocked Learning

Real-Time Remediation

ScootPad is the only platform that seamlessly identifies and fills knowledge gaps in real-time, both at and below grade-level.

Adaptive Intervention

ScootPad seamlessly redirects struggling students to review instructional videos and additional practice to fill knowledge gaps.

Adaptive Scaffolding

ScootPad adapts to each student and scaffolds in real-time to provide remediation in prerequisite concepts, at or below grade level, to keep students moving forward in their learning.

Rich and Engaging Content

Standards-aligned, technology-enhanced, and DOK-leveled.

  • Standards Aligned

    National and International

    Carefully created content by certified ScootPad educators covering a variety of national and international standards.

  • Tech Enhanced

    Intuitive and Interactive

    50+ tech-enhanced item types that help more accurately measure student knowledge compared to traditional formats.

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  • DOK Leveled


    ScootPad emulates Webb's Depth Of Knowledge (DOK) model to deliver the required rigor for students to master a concept.

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