How ScootPad Works

ScootPad adapts in real-time to meet each student exactly where he/she is with the right level of practice, instruction, remediation and assessment to enable mastery in every concept.

Adaptive Learning [FULLY AUTOMATED]


Adaptive Diagnostic

Each student's journey starts with an adaptive diagnostic assessment which quickly identifies which concepts they are ready to master and which need extra practice.

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Adaptive Practice

Our platform adapts in real-time to reach every student at their level with the right amount of practice to achieve mastery in every concept.

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Just-In-Time Lessons

Our bite-sized instructional videos are available to help students learn concepts step-by-step so they can independently move towards mastery.

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Automatic Remediation

We detect and fill knowledge gaps with scaffolded content, both at and below grade-level, so they can catch up on exactly what they need to move ahead.

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Automatic Mastery Assessment

Concepts are revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks to help students create more robust pathways for recalling information over the long term.

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Spiral and Spaced

Concepts are practiced simultaneously over time ("spiraling") and revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks ("spacing"). Research shows that such distributed learning leads to robust encoding of information and better long-term learning.

Targeted Enrichment [Teacher Driven]


Targeted Lessons

Teachers can assign instruction lessons to help students prepare for classroom instruction, upcoming tests or concept improvement.

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Targeted Practice

Teachers can target extra practice and enrichment for students in specific concepts by creating targeted practice assignments.

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Intervention Monitor

Aligned to the 3-tier RTI model, our intervention monitor helps teachers easily predict interventions and make the necessary pivots to instruction.

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Formative Assessments

Teachers can quickly gauge students' knowledge and easily monitor their growth using pre-built tech-enhanced items and formative assessments.

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