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2015 ScootPad Summer Program
Research shows that students lose 2 to 3 months of grade-level proficiency in math & reading every summer. Our summer program is designed to help students retain their math and reading proficiencies while preparing them for the upcoming school year.
All K-8 Grades

Our summer program helps kids Gear Up and prepare for all K-8 grades.

Summer Curriculum

Specially designed Math & ELA curriculum proven to engage and gear up students.

Adaptive & Self-Paced

Automatically adjusts to each students' unique pace and learning needs.

Convenient & Flexible

Students can work at their own convenience (4-5 hours each week).

Highly Recommended

Recommended by teachers, our summer program has proven to be very effective.

Fun Filled Learning

Students are engaged with fun activities, encouragement, challenges and more.


FREE ScootPad T-Shirt to every student who completes the curriculum.

Program Duration

3+ months (1st May through 31st Aug). Enrollment is open until 17th July.

$29.99Per Student

Our most affordable, convenient and flexible summer program ever!

10-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, simply call us and we'll refund your full enrollment fees.
Have questions or Need help? Call 1-800-994-0706 or email summer@scootpad.com. We're here to help and get your kids started right away!
What to expect after enrollment? You'll receive an email confirmation with details so your child can get started right away.

Live Webinar For Parents

Join us live and watch how to engage your kids this summer

(Every Friday, 11am PST)

Parents: Here's what you'll learn in about 30 minutes:
- How to enable summer learning for your kids (Do-It-Yourself)?
- How to enroll your kids in the ScootPad Summer Program?
- Get answers to your questions

Live Webinar For Teachers & Schools

Join us live and watch how to enable summer learning for your students

(Every Friday, 10am PST)

Teachers & Admins: Here's what you'll learn in about 30 minutes:
- How to enable summer learning for your students?
- How to assign recurring reading/ebooks assignments?
- What to expect from ScootPad the rest of this summer?