Personalized Summer Program
Research shows that kids lose 2-3 months of grade-level proficiency in Math and Reading during summer.
Enroll your kids in our summer program and prevent the summer slide!
Each student will receive a personalized summer curriculum tailored to fill their knowledge gaps and prepare them for success in the next grade level.

$29.99 per student

Curriculum Personalized To Each Student

Each student receives a personalized summer curriculum based on their learning history.

  • Personalized Learning Paths

    Summer learning paths are tailored for each student to fill knowledge gaps, reinforce grade-level core skills and introduce basic concepts from the next grade level.

  • Adaptive Remediation

    Instruction videos help students learn concepts they had trouble with during the school year. Furthermore, students are automatically provided scaffolding when necessary to review concepts from lower grades.

Curriculum includes Math, ELA, Spelling and eBooks for students entering Grades K-9.

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Most Flexible and Affordable Summer Program

With just 2 hours of practice each week, kids get the head start they need when school starts in the fall.

  • 24/7 Online Access

    Kids can login at any time, from anywhere, using almost any device or tablet. We recommend just 2 hours each week (all in one day or spread over multiple days).

  • ONLY
    $29.99 per student

    Only $29.99 per student!

    This is our most affordable summer program ever! Students can enroll now and have access to the summer program until 31st Aug 2019.

  • Certificate and Rewards

    Each student will receive a Certificate Of Completion and a 1-year SimplyAdaptive license (a $30 value) at the end of the program.

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Summer Program that adapts to each student!

Students love the program! Parents get 24/7 online access and weekly email updates.

  • Scientifically Proven

    We've helped prevent the summer slide for over 94,000 students!

  • Gaps Detected & Fixed

    We've helped fix 78% of all knowledge gaps detected.

  • Increased Engagement

    Students spend an average of 6 hours of learning time each week.

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