ScootPad is a versatile platform built from the ground up to enable a comprehensive set of student-centered learning solutions for teachers, parents and administrators.

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Mastery Learning

Enable mastery learning for each student with personalized pathways, supplemental instruction and automatic mastery assessment.

In-Class Instruction
Adaptive Diagnostic & Practice
Just-In-Time Instruction
Automatic Mastery Checks

Case Study

Jones Valley Elementary School, AL

"Students whose abilities range from below grade level to those who are performing consistently above their grade level are challenged on a daily basis. We love ScootPad!"

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Supplemental Practice and Homework

Provide supplemental practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps and gain mastery in each and every concept.

In-Class Instruction & Work
Adaptive & Targeted Practice
Auto-Fill Knowledge Gaps
Intervention & Improvement

Case Study

Hillsborough Elementary School, NJ

"Overall, my students have become more motivated to learn. Not only do they ask to use ScootPad more often throughout the day, but they are using it at home every night. They have taken control of their own learning and their desires have exploded. They are more engaged than ever!"

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Formative Assessments

Gauge student knowledge frequently, implement instructional changes timely and measure student growth effectively.

Entry or Pre Assessments
Review and Gauge Knowledge
Reteach or Adjust Instruction
Exit or Post Assessment & Growth

Case Study

Silver Oak Elementary School, CA

"With the use of ScootPad, our 3rd graders grew on their state test, 21% in ELA and 7% in Math."

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Response To Intervention

Predict which standards and students need intervention, identify implementation strategies, and monitor intervention effectiveness.

Predict Interventions
3-Tiered Intervention Plan
Reteach or Instruct
Monitor & Measure Improvement

Case Study

James Jackson Elementary School, GA

"My students have shown substantial academic achievement while utilizing ScootPad. I have seen great improvement from my lowest students (first grade level) to substantial gains from my higher students (third grade level)."

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At-Home Learning

Parents stay engaged in their child's learning and supplement learning at home to further enhance their kids' ability to master concepts independently.

Parents Engaged
Parents Gain Insights
At-Home Independent Study
Motivate & Engage Students

Case Study

Lakeview Elementary School, TX

"The kids are so much more excited about completing an assignment. I don't get the moans and groans when they see me pick up a stack of paper. I love that they can also work on this at home so parents can see their child's progress as well. Gone are the days of paper trails of who turned in an assignment or not. I love the ease of ScootPad!"

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1:1 Learning Environment

Enable each student with personalized and self-paced learning opportunities leveraging and harnessing the power of 1:1 devices.

Personal 1:1 Device
Adaptive & Self-Paced Curriculum
Real-Time Insights & Progress
Student Growth & Success

Case Study

Fort Gibson Public Schools, OK

"Every student in our district has a device as part of our district 1:1 initiative. Our elementary students (k-5) use ScootPad as an integral part of their virtual instruction using their own devices."

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Curriculum Collaboration

Standardize curriculum seamlessly across all classrooms and enable teachers to create, use and share tech-enhanced learning content.

Design Curriculum
Standardize Curriculum
Create, Use & Share Content
Open Content Collaboration

Case Study

Huntsville City Schools, AL

"I can assign 3rd, 5th, or 8th grade level content to my students because I have access to all of these grades. The entire class no longer has to be on one grade level."

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After-School Learning

After-school learning centers and tutors can supplement learning for students after school and enable concept practice and mastery aligned with the primary classroom curriculum.

Adaptive or Targeted Curriculum
Independent Practice & Lessons
Auto-Fill Knowledge Gaps
Automatic Mastery Checks

Case Study

An After-School Tutoring Center

"ScootPad has been a huge time saver. We can quickly run reports to see where students are proficient and in what areas they need extra practice. It's helped to cut down on time spent searching for other sources of practice, copying papers, and grading/reviewing student work." - Mrs. Martinez

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